Spring and Fall Clean-up

Spring and fall are pivotal times in lawn maintenance and landscaping. Preparing your property for the summer and winterizing your property in the fall should be requisite for a well- maintained property.

Our clean-ups combine triple- shredded mulch installation, tree and shrub trimming, bed weeding and definition, pre-emergent weed control and debris removal.

Leaf Clean up

The lawn maintenance task that is practically synonymous with autumn is raking leaves. Appearance aside, this chore is necessary, since a layer of leaves left on your lawn over the winter would smother the grass below. Furthermore, pine needles and oak leaves must be removed since either will leach horrible amounts of acidity into the soil.


A well-planned and environmentally sound turfgrass fertilization program is essential for the production of quality turf in New Jersey. As with all living things, proper nutrition is important to prevent diseases and insects. Your lawn needs a balanced fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to keep it healthy and strong. Most soils have some of these elements present, but usually they become depleted over the years because turf is a very hungry plant during its major growing seasons. Also, a well-fed grass recovers more quickly from stress and is more aggressive against weeds.

Classic Lawn & Landscape offers a complete 8-step fertilization program that is administered throughout the year by professional applicators. Each application is designed to fertilize and treat season-specific conditions. We also offer an organic fertilization program.


Periodically, it may be necessary to remove thatch (the tightly interwoven layer of living and dead stems, leaves, and roots between the green grass and the soil surface). A layer of thatch less than a half inch in thickness can be beneficial to the grass, as it is similar to mulch and provides many of the same benefits. Too much thatch provides a habitat for insects and disease and makes the grass less tolerant of heat and drought.

If the lawn's thatch is more than a half- inch thick, dethatching will be beneficial. Timing is critical; dethatching should be done during low-stress periods in early fall or early spring.

Core Aeration

If soil is heavy or compacted aeration may be necessary. Roots need oxygen as well as water and nutrients; compacted soil prevents the flow of oxygen from the atmosphere to the roots. Aeration is best done by a machine which forces hollow metal tubes into the ground and brings up small cores of soil. Other "aerators" punch holes in the soil with a spiked roller; while they may aid water retention, they actually increase soil compaction. Soils are aerated during the same seasons as dethatching.


Whether you are starting a new lawn, rejuvenating an existing lawn, or overseeding; Classic offers several seeding and sod programs customized to suit your lawn’s specific needs.

We offer hydraulic sliced-seed application with starter fertilizer and peat moss topdressing and top quality sod installation by professional installers.


There are a wide range of insects that invade lawns every year, many which are harmful not only to your lawn and property, but to you and your family as well.

Classic is licensed to apply pesticides. Our employees are experienced professional applicators.


Proper lawn management will greatly reduce a lawn's susceptibility to weeds. However, there is no fool- proof practice to avoid weeds. Occasionally, herbicides are the easiest way to de-weed your lawn.

Classic is licensed to apply herbicides. Our employees are experienced professional applicators.


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